35mm – 4perf – 2K Scan / m

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  • Film formats: All 35mm films.
  • Film Types: B&W & color negative films.
  • Prep for scan:  Prior to scanning, the film is  bench cleaned and film leaders are attached to the beginning and the end of the film reel. Leaders are used to protect the film and to guide the material through the scanner.
  • Add to cart the number of meters being scanned.
  • 2K horizontal: 2048 px

More information 

Prepping is mandatory for films coming for both development
and scanning.

Scan Style:
Low contrast and saturation scan that retains all information from the scan. Material scanned this way needs color grading. 12-bit log/linear scan.

Best choice if you want to make small corrections to your material and make your color grading in general easier. Each camera reel/cartridge gets an average check of exposure and color, protecting highlights and shadows. Output colorspace is rec.709.

A great choice for material going directly to social media and other platforms. Technical Rec.709 grade, in which exposure, contrast, and colors are checked and optimized by correcting each shot individually. Output colorspace is rec.709.

Output formats:
MP4/ H.264
An extremely light codec that works on most devices and programs. Best file type to share your scanned material straight to social media and other platforms.

Prores Proxy
The lightest version of the Prores file type should run quite easily with lower-end Apple computers.

Prores 422HQ
Preserves almost the same visual quality as Prores 4444, but with significantly smaller data rates and file sizes.

Prores 4444
Completely lossless file type designed for the most demanding post production work. 


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