Arri SR3 HS Package

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Oh yes, yes yes, an SR3 HighSpeed package is here and it’s up for grabs! 

Kit includes:

– Arri SR 3 High Speed body with body cap
– Arri 1.66 Ground glass K2.47209.0/K2.47355.0
– 2pcs Arri SR3 High speed magazines with cover
– Base Plate BP-6 K2.42572.0
            -with 19 mm rods length 240mm
– Pistol grip with trigger
– Arri Viewfinder extension FE-4 with caps
– Arri Eyepiece leveller EL-3 set KK.0005723
– Arri shoulder pad
– Metal case for camera and AKS

New Accessories:

– Visual Products HD Hyper Tap II video assist
                -short SDI cable 
                -power cable (4pin hirose – 3pin fischer) 
                -HyperTap menu dongle cable 4pin hirose 

– Ratworks Hypertap top handle 

Elokuvakonepaja accessories:
              – SR3 Sideplate short 
              – V-lock or Gold mount Power adapter 
              – LWS with 50mm and 100mm rods

Wicam accessories:
– Wicam power converter mini 
               – power cable (3pin fischer – 3pin fischer) 
– Wicam PBMA adapter 
– Wicam SDI protector 


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