Grab It! Rosette – Rubber Puck

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We present to you a whole new handle solution – the Grab It!

-Adjust your grip, without adjusting screws or equipment – just Grab It!

This little beauty allows for swift camera orientation changes – perfect for operating in tight spaces, allowing freedom with simple changes in your grip and not being restricted by the handle positioning or having to reposition the handle itself.

Attaches to any Arri Rosette. In pictures attached to Alexa35, though compatible with any camera with Arri Rosette, OR OR get any of the Grab it! 3/8″ handles to attach onto any 3/8 attachment point.

Hand made in Finland

Ø approx 75mm

For bigger hands: Grab It! Rosette – Wooden Large
Alternative: Grab It! Rosette – Wooden Small


Pair, Single

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