KODAK EKTACHROME 100D – 7294 – 16mm

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16mm KODAK EKTACHROME 100D color reversal film 7294

  • For 16mm cameras
  • Film sensitivity: 100 ASA (Daylight 5500K)
  • Single edge perforated 16mm film available on 30.5m (100ft) R-90 daylight spool (SP 455) and on 122m (400ft) roll with a core (DXN 457).
  • Daylight balanced color reversal film that moderately enhances color saturation but maintains natural skin tones.
  • The developed EKTACHROME 100D film can be viewed on a film projector because in the development process the colors of the film are turned from negative to positive.
  • Ideal for situations where a moderate color saturation is desired.
  • Development Process: Color reversal E-6

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Please note that Kodak is still, at times, experiencing some production and delivery issues and delivery times can vary between 1-8 weeks. Orders will be shipped out once stock is available. 

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Film Length

122 m, 30,5 m (daylight spool)