Vesa 100 cheeseplate KIT

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Vesa cheeseplate for any monitor – provides multiple 3/8″ and 1/4″ connection points for other accessories.

Add a KIS (keep it simple) Monitor Spigot Cube to attach to any standard spigot

This KIS Monitor Spigot Cube is not trying to be anything fancy, just a simple accessory without any hinges, nothing that moves or stoops in transit, just a cube to keep it simple.

As the KIS cube can be put onto the spigot from 4 different sides, it allows for quick 90 degree position changes.

The KIS Monitor Spigot cube also has a few extra 3/8″ and 1/4″ connection points for accessories.

Please note the KIS Monitor Spigot Cube is compatible only with our VESA 100 cheeseplate.

You can also use this Vesa 100 cheeseplate to attach our SmallHD Power Supply Cage directly onto the monitor. These also available as a SmallHD Accessory KIT!

KIS monitor spigot cube

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