C-Motion PanHandle Zoom Holder

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C-Motion Pan Handle Zoom holder (housing)

Extremely modular housing for a C-Motion Pan Handle Zoom unit.

For cable operations:

1. attach any handle with 3/8″ screw. ie RatGrip, Arri BGA-1, handle extensions etc

2. attach 3/8″ Rosette adapter or Oppenheimer Pan Handle

Our Arri Rosette adapter is small profile, but high tension, rosette being connected with proper screws

Oppenheimer makes beautiful Pan Handles for your heads and we made an adapter to connect our unit to their Pan Handles.

For Wireless operations:

– Add the L-bracket for a good place to connect your battery on the back of the handle.
(please note that the L-bracket will NOT fit on the unit, but needs to be connected to the handle)

Please note that you will also need a wireless transmitter. Either C-Motion camin Pro or upcoming Arri RIA-1. These are not included with this kit.

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