Monitor EVF adapter

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Welcome Elokuvakonepaja’s Monitor Arri EVF Adapter!

This little fella is cleverly designed and so versatile you can use it with nearly any monitor:

1. In its basic assembly, it attaches directly to a Small HD monitor with the 1/4″ screw and pins.

2. By removing the Small HD pins, the adapter fastens to any monitor with a 1/4″ attachment point.

3. By flipping the pin plate around, the adapter can be used with any monitor with 3/8″ and Arri pin connection

4. Includes screws to attach the Solid Camera The Original Wedgie2 quick-release ball-lock for an additional attachment option.

1 in stock (can be backordered)

To use with 3/8″ screw assembly:

1. Remove the 1/4″ screw and the M3x8mm screws from the basic assembly, but keep the Small HD pins in place.

2. Flip the top plate of the adapter around – this side reveals Arri pins and space for the 3/8″ screw included

3. Re-fasten the M3x8mm screws onto the top disc and apply the 3/8″ screw in place.


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