OCU-1 Holder Kit

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OCU-1 holder (housing)

Extremely modular housing for OCU-1.

Attach any handle with 3/8″ screw. ie RatGrip, Arri BGA-1, handle extensions etc
Handel can be attached directly to the unit housing or to the accessory housing


Options to build a set:

– RatGrip or handle extension handle

– Accessory housing. Allows attachment for Rosette adapter for handheld operations or Oppenheimer adapter for fluid head operations.

– Attach 3/8″ Rosette adapter or Oppenheimer Pan Handle. Our Arri Rosette adapter is small profile, but high tension, rosette being connected with proper screws

– Oppenheimer Makes beautiful Pan Handles for your heads and we made an adapter to connect our unit to their Pan Handles.

– For wireless operations add the L-bracket for a good place to connect your battery on the unit or on the handle

L-shaped rosette

No – Rosette, Yes – L-shaped rosette


No – L-bracket, Yes – L-bracket

Oppen panhandle adapt

No – oppen, Yes – oppenheimer adapter


No Handle, Rat Grip, Handle Extension – Long

Accessory Block

No – Accessory Block, Yes – Accessory Block