Paracord Neckstrap

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Perfect Neckstrap for monitors!

Adjustable strap by the neck with durable outer coating and a soft comfortable inner fabric

Hand braided straps made with original Paracord, attached with metal clips. Comes with straps with loops.

You can fasten the loops directly onto your gear, for example wrapping them around handle brackets, or use a Strap Screw to fasten to 1/4″ connection points.

Available in 5 basic colors: Black, Smoke Grey, Yellow, Light Khaki and Foggy Green

Spare Paracord Accessory Straps available also individually, so you can color code your monitors and accessories! Have Accessory straps ready on all your accessories and just click the Neckstrap onto the gear you need!

For single point attachment, you can swap the monitor straps with loops for our Paracord Y-strap with ring.