SHD Smart 7 Monitor Cage Kit

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Rigid and lightweight solution to protect your Indie 7 or Cine 7 monitor

Providing multiple  1/4” threads with Small HD and new Arri anti-twist pin allows a variety of rigging alternatives on all sides. Cage also has 3/8” with Arri pins on all four sides.

Middle of the cage has both 1/4” and 3/8” threads for rigging the monitor with your choice

Optional sunshade is made of soft and flexible fabric, connecting to the cage with magnets and covering the whole screen area.

For multi-camera shoots you can connect 2 (or more) monitors together with our Double monitor connectors. You can find them here.

Please note that the Sunhoods are not available until 10.5, so if you order before that, we will ship you basic cage first and the sunhood afterwards once they become available.


Small sunshade, no sunshade thanks