Sideplate For 416

400,00775,00 VAT 0%

Our 416 sideplate comes in two different versions:


Sideplate deck around the control panel and on top of the camera with multiple attachment points. Leaves the control panel open. Comes with a spacer, so you can use it with or without an LWS-5. Compatible with MSB’s. 

Full Set

Includes the basic and an additional, openable sideplate with hinges, which gives you more attachment points on top of the control panel area. Locks in place with a screw lock. You don’t need to remove any accessories to open the sideplate to get access to the control panel.

*if you are using LCS motor connectors, please contact us.


Basic:  205g (0.45 lb)
Full set: 405g (0.89 lb)

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