Sideplate for Red Komodo

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Sideplate for the RED Komodo!

As all our sideplates, also this little dude has multiple 3/8″ attachment points for your accessories.


You can attach the sideplate directly to your Nato Rail holder, or similar, on your Komodo, or add spacers to allow some air between the plate and the camera body.

One spacer is included with the sideplate, as well as a set of screws allowing you to use the sideplate with or without the spacer.


More spacers are available as add-ons. Add as many as you wish!

Screws of accordant length with the number of add-on spacers included in the price.


Additonal spacers

1 additional spacer, 2 additional spacer, 3 additional spacer, 4 additional spacer, No additional spacer