Taglet – A booklet for your tags

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These stylish Taglets have been specifically designed to keep your filter tags, Alexa button tags, weather slate ID tags, and camera letters – or anything with velcro – neatly organized and safe during and between shoots.

PLEASE NOTE the taglet has soft Velcro (Loop) inside – so only tags with backing in hard Velcro (Hook) will attach.

Hand-made in Finland using Ultrafabrics’ award-winning biobased Volar Bio fabric. 

Two sizes:
Small 16 x 11 cm – fits up to 132 filter tags
Large 21 x 15 cm  – fits 240 filter tags

Ultrafabric’s first biobased collection! A hybrid by design, Ultraleather® | Volar Bio is the first of its kind and signifies a new direction for Ultrafabrics. Committed to reducing our dependency on finite resources, we have incorporated renewable plant-based materials into the multiple layers of our proprietary construction. Proudly touting a 29% Bio Preferred Program Label, Volar Bio was created with both functionality and sustainability in mind.
Volar Bio has been recognized by PETA’s Vegan Homeware Award 2020, winning the organization’s prestigious Innovation Award.

7 Colors:
Monarch (orange)
Fortress (grey)
Scarlet (red)
Bramble (beige)
Macaw (blue)
Mint (greenish-blue)

Hand-made in Finland.

Taglet Color

Bramble (Brown), Fortress (Grey), Macaw (Blue), Mint (Green), Monarch (Orange), Scarlet (Red), Sesame (Black)

Taglet Size

Large, Small

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