TIKKU – Clapper Sticks – Small

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Elokuvakonepaja’s own design, handmade, Premium wooden clapper sticks!

What makes our sticks special:

-Made of beautiful Nordic Ash
-Bases handpainted or varnished leaving the texture of the wood visible
-Durable printed chevrons on both sides
-Internal aluminium hinge
-Friction adjustable screws
-Magnets for a lovely clap & close
-3,5mm slot to accommodate most boards
-Made in Finland

8 basic color options are available.

Please note Green/White & Yellow/Black sticks are made to order and delivery is approximately 1 week from the order.

Size of Small Tikku clapper sticks:
190 x 50 x 20 mm
( 7.5 x 2 x 0.8″ )

Tikku color

Black base with Greyscale chevron, Black base with White chevron, Blue base with White chevron, Green base with White chevron, Red base with White chevron, White base with Black chevron, Wooden base with Black chevron, Yellow base with Black chevron

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